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S-63 plug-in for OpenCPN

o-charts.org is the gateway of OpenCPN for S-63 charts

You will need the S-63 plug-in, an UserPermit and an InstallPermit.

The UserPermit (paying a fare) and the InstallPermit for your individual install are issued at the shop.

On the download page you will find the S63 plug-in and all the documentation and advices, in English and other languages.

The UserPermit is the key to licence S-63 chart sets from distributors. In this moment there is an agreement with ChartWorld in place.

S-63 implies a DRM scheme: the charts are licensed for an individual PC.
This can be done using Hardware- or Software-dongles.
OpenCPN uses a soft dongle: a fingerprint for the PC has to be created.

You will find additional information in  S-63 plug-in explained (look at  Downloads for your preferred language).

We are waiting for your Feedback at the OpenCPN forum!


o-charts.org handels the S-63 plug-ins for OpenCPN  -  OpenCPN is open source software

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